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Applying takes 2 minutes and you can wait as long as you need to afterwards before scheduling any kind of interview or continuing with the hiring process. So don't stress if you aren't ready to fully dive into it!

Click the “Apply Now” button to create your account. Using this button will automatically add Teacher Erin’s referral code to your account. So you’ll automatically have a hiring-help mentor to help you along the entire hiring process & beyond!


Application Tips

Check below to see exactly what VIPKid wants to see on your application. Or if you were rejected during the initial application screening and are wondering why, there may be a couple things you can change on your application if you thought you met all the requirements. All you'll need to do is sign up again using a different email address. With that said, VIPKid can't hire everyone. There are a few requirements that this ESL company just will not budge on. So let's go over the requirements to become a VIPKid Teacher and see if the opportunity really is right for you. These are reflective of the application questions. Take a peak at the sample application below if you're curious!

Make sure you meet the VIPKID Teacher requirements first


On the application, you must select that you…

  • have at least a Bachelor’s degree (must show proof before hire)

  • are fluent in the English language

  • have at least some kind of experience in the US K-12 school system

  • have had at least 1 or more years of “teaching experience”. Remember, Even if you don’t have traditional classroom experience, VIPKid accepts many forms of teaching; tutoring, coaching, babysitting, camp counseling.

If you are unable to legally work in the USA or Canada (are a citizen with identification or have a green card), are not a fluent native English speaker, do not have a bachelor's degree, or any experience with children, VIPKid may not offer you an interview after applying.

VIPKID Application NOTES

  • Make sure you apply using your current legal name for taxes and background check purposes, not a nickname. If your current legal the name is different from the one on your diploma or proof of Bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to provide a proof of name change or marriage license so they can verify that the diploma in fact belongs to you.

  • Double check your time zone. This time zone setting will be used when scheduling your interview and mock classes. It is difficult to change this during the hiring process, so make sure it is correct or else things are about to get very confusing for you.

  • It's okay if you do not live in the United States, but you do have to show proof that you can legally work in the US or Canada upon hire. It’s okay if you got your degree from within another country.

  • Go ahead and reapply if you know you're a great candidate for the job! The only things you should definitely NOT lie about is if you have a Bachelor’s Degree, teaching license, or ESL certification. They will require proof of these later on.

After you apply

Once you submit your application, if you meet the requirements we talked about above, sometimes you will be automatically asked to book an interview. Don’t freak out! You don’t have to book it right away, and we recommend you don’t! Just click that you’d prefer to read the preparation materials before booking, and it will bring you through to your VIPKid hiring process portal where you can read what is expected of you during the next step.

You also have more than 3 or 4 days to prepare and book your Interview Demo Class and future Mock Classes, contrary to what it looks like at first. More days will open up as the days go on. IE; there will ALWAYS be 4 days ahead you can schedule for your interview demo and Mock classes. You can wait, prep, and book it when you’re ready.


VIPKID application tips


You may need to reapply because you...

  • Failed the hiring process and want to try again.

  • Accidentally signed up using a job site or blog and unknowingly used a referral link/code (which you may not be able to change after applying).


Right now! All you need to do is create an account using a different email address. Just use the instructions above to apply again. If you want access to my free “Roadmap To VIPKID” hiring guide & eCourse and my mentorship, make sure you apply using the instructions on my coaching page.


If they notice you are reapplying (they can usually detect this if you use the same phone number) they may not offer you the option to do the live interview. But that's not a big deal since the express interview and recorded interview are great/fast options. And they are slowly moving towards removing the live interview option all together anyways! The rest of the hiring process will be the same.


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