Decoding VIPKid Acronyms & Lingo

VIPKID Lingo Decoded

Much like any job, VIPKid has its own lingo and acronyms to decode. It can be especially overwhelming because on top of all of the tech things you need to learn, classroom management techniques, props and rewards- you have to figure out what the FM is saying when they said it’s been marked as a SNS. That’s enough to make any new teacher’s head spin! I tried my best to compile a list of the most commonly used phrases or acronyms to help you decode the Hutong or various Facebook posts. Although it won’t let you find massive treasure like Benjamin Gates, it could make you more confident in jumping in on discussions and sharing your knowledge with others.


VIPKid Acronyms

  • B&M- Brick and Mortar Teacher (Also sometimes called ‘regular’ teachers)

  • CVC - Consonant Vowel Consonant ((a type of word frequently used with beginner learners)

  • FAS - Find a Star (a type of reward used by digital and nondigital teachers)

  • FM- Fireman

  • HFW- High-Frequency Words

  • LP - Learning Partner; previously known as CLT (Chinese Lead Teacher)

  • MC - Major Course aka ‘regular’ class

  • MCM - Mock Class Mentor/ those that evaluate you during the hiring process

  • PB - Priority Booking

  • PPT - Peak Peak Time (but in the classroom also stands for powerpoint)

  • PT- Peak Time

  • SAHM - Stay at Home Mom

  • SIT - Student IT issue

  • SN - Short Notice

  • SNS - Student No Show

  • T2T- Teacher to Teacher Feedback

  • TIT - Teacher IT issue

  • TNS - Teacher No Show

  • UA - Unit Assessment

  • WAHM - Work at Home Mom

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VIPKid Lingo

Freshdesk- Previous system used for support issues; support has now be integrated directly into the portal

“Submit a ticket”- You have some type of issue that needs help from VIPKid- you would do so under the support tab.

“Slots”- 30 minute time period where a parent can book you for a lesson

Onset/rime - Onset would be the initial phonetic sound of a word (aka c in cat) and rime refers to the vowel consonant sounds that end the word (AT in cat). So this works with your CVC words where the initial consonant is the onset and the vowel/consonant is the rime. Yes, for the longest time I thought that VIPKid was spelling ‘rhyme’ wrong and could not figure out how that was so overlooked. Turns out it is the specific rhyming part of those words!


This list may not be all-inclusive; honestly, there are some that still catch me in a state of confusion and I’ve been at this for a year! Use this as a reference guide for when you are trying to soak up all the knowledge of the Hutong, Facebook groups, and workshops. Instead of being the one that that has to ask “I’m sorry, I’m new. What’s PB mean?” you can confidently go into discussions knowing they mean priority booking and not peanut butter.

Keep being awesome teachers! -Teacher Andrea