Soft & Medium Cancellations with VIPKid

There comes a time in every VIPKid teacher’s journey when you need to cancel class. Even though we have the flexibility to make our own schedule- things come up! Everyone cancels for a variety of different reasons. VIPKid allows 6 cancellations per six month contract (3 classes in 1 day = 1 cancellation) before your contract becomes under review. However, in an emergency situation, VIPKid is not going to penalize you. They are actually a very understanding company! Here’s everything you need to know about Soft, Medium, and Regular cancellations.

Pssst! The official word on all things cancellation is found under the support tab.


How to Cancel Your VIPKid Class

How to cancel your VIPKid classes on the app

On your desktop, go to Bookings and click on the class you want to cancel. Hit “cancel this class” and follow the prompts. On your mobile device- click the class directly. Hit the button with the three dots, located in the top right corner, and hit “cancel class”. Your classes are now cancelled.


Financial Penalty

If you cancelled more than 24 hours in advance- you will not be financially penalized. If you cancelled between 2 hours and 24 hours, you will be penalized $2 per class. If you cancel LESS THAN 2 HOURS or have a Teacher No Show - you will be penalized $10 per class!

*Note- Teacher No Shows count exactly like cancelling less than 2 hours before your class*

If you do nothing else- these will be considered ‘normal’ cancellations and count against your contract. However, in extraneous circumstances there is a possibility for it to NOT count against your contract.

Financial penalties will show up on your Payment page in the “Participation Incentives” category for the second half of the month, under “Course Deduction”. Depending on when you apply for a soft cancellation, you may see that number go down to $0.00 after you are granted a soft cancellation or you may see the amount reimbursed along with any other adjustments for the month under the “Adjustments” column.


Soft vs. Medium Cancellations

This infographic comes straight from VIPKid and can be found in the Support tab!

This infographic comes straight from VIPKid and can be found in the Support tab!

The MAIN difference between medium and soft cancellations is that the financial penalty still applies for medium cancellations, but not for soft. Also- per VIPKID, medium cancellations DO count against you when it comes time at the end of your second contract for a raise. However, if you are granted soft or medium cancellations, the number of cancellations don’t count against your 6 allowed cancellations for your current contract.

What circumstances qualify?

Both Soft and Medium cancellations have the same categories that qualify for them. The difference is the severity within the category.

1. Illness

If you or an immediately family becomes ‘seriously’ ill, you can apply for Soft/Medium Cancellation. Per VIPKid, it is the illness severity that determines the difference between soft and medium. Hospitalization is the requirement for soft cancellation. All other doctor visits are the requirement for medium cancellations. You do not select to apply exclusively for soft or medium cancellations. They will grant it based on the documentation you provide. This is why I recommend doctor visits every time you’re sick (even if it is a walk-in clinic). They extend this policy to children and spouses as well. Make sure you have the same last name or some sort of proof of relationship when submitting documentation.

2. Emergencies/ Natural Disasters/ Uncontrollable Circumstances

If an “Act of God” (as the airlines like to call it) prevents you from having class, you can apply for a soft cancellation. This includes (but is not limited to) a widespread power outage, tornado, hurricanes, car crashes, robbery, etc. etc.

3. Death

Death, unfortunately, is a part of life. This is something I have had direct experience with while working in VIPKid. VIPKid is very understanding of this. However, VIPKid only grants soft cancellations for immediate family.  Immediate family members are defined as: children, spouses, parents, siblings, or grandparents.  

4. Labor/ Birth

All my expecting mamas out there- rejoice! VIPKid understands that childbirth can be unpredictable at times. If you unexpectedly go into labor or give birth, you can apply for a soft cancellation. If you have labor related complications- that would fall under this category as well!



What do I need to provide?

Documentation is essential. VIPKid allows you 30 days AFTER you cancel the class to apply for Soft/Medium cancellation. Do not apply without proper documentation or they will not grant you the cancellation.

Each category has different documentation required. Generally any type of ‘official’ note proving you are being truthful. This would need to be as official as possible (like on the letterhead for the hospital or power company). When I needed to provide documentation for my grandmother’s funeral, I took a screenshot of the website of her obituary and was granted the cancellation. If you would like specific examples- please refer to the support article in your portal.

Where do I submit my documentation?

On your desktop- navigate to the ‘classroom’ tab. Click ‘all classes’. In the top left corner there is a button that says “Cancellations/No Shows”- select which classes you cancelled and follow the prompts to submit documentation. Your classes must have been cancelled for you to apply for soft/medium cancellations.


Remember- cancellations happen and VIPKid understands that! My advice would be to cancel as soon as you know you would need to cancel classes. The earlier the better! Take care of yourself and your family first and apply later. You have 30 days!

Keep being awesome teachers! -Teacher Andrea