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Please Read the info here First

Due to the number of applicants I help through the VIPKID hiring process, my referrals (applicants who chose me to use as their hiring-help mentor/referring teacher) receive top priority when answering emails and 1-on-1 assistance. If you are using someone else as a mentor I recommend reaching out to them for assistance. However, I keep my hiring help Facebook group OPEN FOR EVERYONE with questions & it’s a great way to connect with me too! :)

My Referrals/Applicants

Remember, you no longer need to contact me to request access to my “Roadmap To VIPKID” Hiring Guide & eCourse as long as you have applied using my link. I will contact you. Please allow up to 36 hours for me to contact you with the course password. I have to manually add you to the course password e-mail list, so please be patient. I always contact my new referrals right after adding them all to my course password e-mail list right before I answer my emails. Remember, you must have followed the instructions on my coaching info page and be one of my referrals before I will contact you with the info on how to access my “Roadmap To VIPKID”.

I know you probably have lots of questions. I’s normal! That's how my hiring-help eCourse was essentially created; by answering all of the most common questions and concerns that come up during the hiring process (plus a lot more). The password/course access email you'll receive after I confirm you as a referral will direct you to the section of the course you should head to based on where you are in the process to get all your concerns answered. If after you have reviewed that section in the course you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to me using the form below. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have! :D


You need a VIPKid account to add me as your referring teacher/mentor to gain access to my hiring-help resources. Making an account is super easy and fast! Just click this link to make one if you haven’t yet. This takes 2 minutes and you can wait as long as you need to afterwords before scheduling any kind of interview or continuing with the hiring process. So don't stress if you aren't ready to fully dive into it! Then I will contact you with info on how to access my hiring help e-course & resources!

Already applied?

VIPKid has recently changed how people can add referring teacher to their account and I no longer have a code that you can add to use me as your referring teacher. If you have already made an account but have not yet completed the demo/interview stage yet, just reapply using my link to gain access to my help. If you have already made an account and are passed the demo stage and in the certification or contract info stage, please email me using the contact form below so we can discuss how to add my name onto your account.

Applicants + Possible future Applicants

I also recommend you join our Facebook group, VIPKID Hiring Q & A if you have lot’s of questions to connect with other applicants and teachers. I really focus 1-on-1 mentoring with those who use me as their referring teacher/coach, but the Facebook group allows you to connect with others who have similar questions and concerns.

If you are a possible future applicant with lots of VIPKid questions, please check out the “Info” dropdown menu of this website or click the links below to learn more about…

If you plan to use/are using someone else as your VIPKid coach, I recommend you reach out to them for VIPKid questions. All are welcome to join our hiring help Facebook group, but I won’t be able to give you the 1-on-1 help I give to my referrals or access to our hiring-help course. Check out the Coaching Info page for details on how to apply using me as your referral or how to add me onto an existing application if you're looking for 1-on-1 guidance or info on how to access my “Roadmap To VIPKID” Hiring Guide & eCourse and group coaching sessions. IT’S ALL FREE!

Fellow Teachers

If you are a brand new VIPKid Teacher with questions, I first recommend joining our teacher help Facebook group, VIPKID Teacher Q & A, and directing your questions there. It is a community of hired VIPKid teachers where we share our experiences, support one another, and ask questions! I also recommend you check out my VIPKID YouTube channel & our VIPKID Teacher Blog, to see if we’ve already made resources that cover the question or concern you may have. I am unable to answer everyone's individual questions by email if you were not one of my referrals.



Email Teacher Erin

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I read all the info above & understand that Teacher Erin’s referral applicants will have first priority with answering emails and 1-on-1 guidance. *
I understand that I can always direct questions to one of Teacher Erin's Facebook groups, "VIPKID Hiring Q & A" (open to everyone) or "VIPKID Teacher Q & A" (for hired teachers) even if I am not a referral of Teacher Erin's :)
If you are a new referral requesting course access, please allow up to 36 hours for me to see your request and send your "Roadmap To VIPKID" eCourse password email. Thanks!
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