Hello Awesome Referrals & VIPKID Hopefuls!

I have something very exciting for you guys (exclusively for Teacher Erin’s referrals) as an incentive to get you started on your journey as an official hired VIPKID Teacher. If you teach your first class before December, you will automatically be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 5 custom VIPKID Teacher T-shirts! FREE! 

I know, it's the holiday season and you're crazy busy. But this time of year is perfect to get started because many VIPKID Teachers are teaching less around the holidays. This means Chinese students are looking for available teachers! This need for teachers right now will make it easier to book new students and start building your client base before Chinese New Year (our slow season)! Remember, VIPKID does not book you with classes, the parents book you! So getting that ball rolling and reeling in students is up to you.

So let's celebrate your new job with VIPKID and get your teaching journey started off right. No more procrastinating. Let's get you teaching! :D


This is such a great staple to have as a VIPKID Teacher. It shows you're part of the team, professional, and truly ready for your VIPKID class! And just a heads up, VIPKID does not provide you with these after hire nor do they sell them. So here's your chance!



  • You must teach your first class between November 17th and on or before the morning of November 30th.

  • This first class must finish with the final status, “As_scheduled.”

  • Do this and you'll automatically be entered into the T-shirt raffle.

  • If you win 1 of the 5 teacher shirts, I'll notify you be email to get your T-shirt size, shipping address, and name you want on your "VIPKID Teacher _____" shirt.


  • I can ship the shirts to any of the 50 U.S. states to you for free through USPS.

  • If you want the shirt shipped to Canada, Mexico, or anywhere else outside of the USA, I'll ask that you help me out with the shipping cost.

Get hired and teach your first class before December for a chance to win 1 of 5 custom VIPKID Teacher Shirts!.png

Still in the hiring process?

Go to my “Roadmap” Hiring Guide & eCourse now!


Go back to the “You’re Hired!" section of the course, (it's not password protected) to upload your documents, set up your profile, learn about how to open and get bookings, and read up on the new teacher reminders. Then, open up some time slots and start teaching! Make sure you’re in our Facebook group for Teachers, VIPKID Teacher Q & A!

Let's do this!
~ Erin