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I’m Your VIPKID Coach • Teacher Erin!

I love teaching ESL online with VIPKid and I’ve helped 100s of applicants get this amazing job now. I’m also a VIPKid Club Orange member, a recognition given to the top 5 VIPKid referring teachers/hiring-help mentors in the company! Coaching others through the process really has become a passion of mine. When I first applied to VIPKid, I remember feeling so lost and confused without a coach, which is why I decided to make a huge part of my VIPKid journey, creating helpful resources and guiding new VIPKid recruits through the entire hiring process and beyond. Because let's be honest, this is all really new and a little bit overwhelming. Which is why having something that aids you in your initial VIPKid journey could allow you to focus more on learning the proper VIPKid teaching foundations and ESL strategies without feeling as lost the whole time.

It’s better to stop thinking of this as a mere job interview and start thinking of it as a training process. Depending on you as an individual, it may take some time to acquire and hone these new online ESL teaching skills. Once you are hired with VIPKid you are expected to be able to teach a normal VIPKid class like any other veteran teacher. This is why having a resource that lays out each step guiding you through the entire process to the finish line may be useful.

Don't let this little speech scare you though! This is such an incredible job opportunity and has greatly changed my own life for the better. I make $20/hour in my pajamas from all over the world while loving every second of it! Let’s get you hired!


Roadmap to VIPKID

Inside Your VIPKID “Roadmap”

• Step-by-step walkthrough of each VIPKID hiring stage

• VIPKID Foundations and ESL techniques mapped out

• Exactly what your interviewers are looking for

• Example rubrics • feedback • slide-by-slide demos and notes

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1-on-1 mentorship


Direct correspondence with VIPKID Teacher Erin via emaiL

Help with any possible questions or concerns - promised within 36 hours :)

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Over 14,000 words of exclusive hiring help content

Over 2 hours of exclusive videos (only in e-course)

Real clips of actual VIPKID lessons with students

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props specific to each of the Demo and Mock Class lessons

printable Reward systems

Practice checklists

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weekly virtual Mock Class GROUP q&a Coaching with erin

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Sneak Peak inside!

You’ll be walked through each step of the hiring process so you’re never caught off guard and can be as prepared as possible. You’ll click through each link in your roadmap to be brought to a new page dedicated solely to helping you through that step in the process. We’ll go over the deadlines, rescheduling, & hiring timeline, your 4 interview options, VIPKID/ESL foundations, how to setup your classroom and necessary technology, exactly how to pass your interview demo class, how to obtain your certifications and pass your mock classes, & tips for building on awesome teacher profile & get you started teaching real VIPKid classes!


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I always ask for feedback from my applicants after they’ve been hired to see what I could do be doing better. Here's what some of them had to say when asked what they liked about the “Roadmap to VIPKid”!


RecenT Reviews

Jul 25, 2019: “The Road Map was absolutely helpful! It gave a wealth of information regarding every detail in the process (kept up-to-date too). It gave me the proper tools to feel adequately prepared for each milestone. I liked your style. You kept it simple and very resourceful. Although lengthy, the time invested in the videos/vipkidjourney was well worth it (I passed the Mock class the first time around, I was so excited!)”

Jul 22, 2019: “I LOVED the roadmap! It was made the hiring process MUCH more understandable and not as overwhelming as it appeared on the VIPKID site. The information given was extremely helpful knowing the expectations and how to assure a successful experience! Thanks to Erin's suggestions and tips, I received certification in 2/3 and 4/5 on my first attempts! :)”

Jul 13, 2019: “There were plenty of details and it was presented in a positive, encouraging manner.
I was also happy that you were patient with me. After not passing my first two mock classes, I was a bit discouraged, but I was also very busy with a grad class I was taking and just needed time. Looks like the third time was a charm for me. Thanks for the ZOOM coaching sessions!! I liked the teaching clips too.”

Jul 12, 2019: “You really took the time to give an honest and thorough review of the VIPKid process and it really helped me to know what to expect. I felt more prepared when doing my demo and mock classes and learned a lot about how to improve as a teacher. Keep doing what you are doing because it really helps to explain to people how this process works. Thanks Erin!”

Jul 10, 2019: “Very clear instructions. Easy to use. Clearly written. Friendly vibe.”

Jun 27, 2019: “Very good layout. Used layman terminology so it was easy to understand, I also liked that you gave the realistic side of things....the deadlines are really flexible suggested dates, etc. I can’t believe this course is free!”

Jun 14, 2019: “EVERYTHING!!! I especially liked...and appreciated the email connection with Erin.”

Jun 6, 2019: “The course was super informative. Honestly it provides better information than vipkid itself. Having videos and examples to watch is incredibly helpful. Also, the tesol study guide was especially helpful. Thank you for your help!”

Jun 6, 2019: “I love how Erin walked you through each and every step of the process, and also showed what to do if things didn't go right. Thankfully, I did not have any issues getting through the course, and I got complements during my mock for using strategies that Erin taught about in the e-course! Erin is super thorough! She has been great about updating things as necessary with changes that VIPKID makes!”

May 26, 2019: “I love that Erin walks us through every step of the way and provides so many great resources - not only advice but printable teaching props as well. I would have been so lost without the roadmap! The course also gave me courage to go for it, knowing that I was prepared.”

May 24, 2019: “It explained step by step what to do. The technology support, the modeling of the mock lessons, the positive encouragement...amazing! Thank you soooo much!!!”

May 13, 2019: “The course was SUPER easy to follow and understand. It helped tremendously in allowing me to pass my mock class on the FIRST try. I will tell as many people as possible about the roadmap. It is evident that Erin spent A LOT of time constructing this website. It was beyond helpful in every way. THANK YOU!”

May 13, 2019:  I loved how clearly you course was laid out. The "map" guided me through every step of the process and answered all of my questions. With my interview and mock classes, I literally had no questions because you thoroughly answered ALL of them! I really appreciated your print-out props and tips on how to nail the interview and mock class. Due to your insane help through videos and resources, I passed my interview and mock class on my first try! Thank you so much, Erin! I know that there's no such thing as "perfect", but your e-course was PERFECT! I believe that you are making a huge impact on future VIPKID teachers. :)”

May 8, 2019: “I liked the information was presented in the order that I needed it. So I could just go up tothe section that helped with the next step I was on. This course helped give me a really good understanding of the company and how to be successful. Thank you!!”

May 1, 2019: “The abundance of information was amazing!! Thank you for providing accurate information that helped me pass all levels.”

Apr 17, 2019: “It was very helpful because there is not much information available elsewhere, which leaves an applicant with a lot of questions. I was able to move the process very quickly thanks to the course.”

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Mar 28, 2019: “I love that this course was so detailed. If I had a question, chances were the answer was right there, I just had to keep reading. The part I found most useful and amazing was the TESOL certification part. THANK YOU!! It was even updated with the new Interactive Level 2 mock classes (only person with a youtube video on it, as of March 2019)”

Mar 23, 2019: “everything, the videos are perfect - very detailed and you explain the process step by step! the roadmap makes every step easy to go through and the printouts are perfect!!”

Mar 22, 2019: “I loved how it was organized into an actual road map, it made it so easy to navigate. Your videos and step by step tutorial of the Mock classes was my favorite part! I think you have everything a prospective VIPKid teacher needs to be successful. I am very thankful that I found your videos on YouTube :-)”

Mar 19, 2019: “Easy of use! I am not a so-called, techy, person. Erin's E-course was and continues to be a powerful tool on many levels. It is obvious many hours of hard work and care went into building her E-course for us. I will add, the fact Erin's e-course is a free tool for those who have her as a referral is amazing!!! I also appreciate how personable Erin is and "real" so to speak. The few times I emailed her with a question she kindly responded. That is unheard of these days.”

Mar 15, 2019: So helpful! It was easy to follow along with and literally answered almost every question I had. I felt much more prepared than I would have from just watching you tube videos or reading the materials provided by VIPKID. Thank you so much for providing the truly was my go to all the way through the hiring process.

Mar 10, 2019: “Soooooooo helpful!!! Definitely couldn't have done it as smoothly without Erin's help. The slide by slide prep notes for the interview and mock were especially helpful. There's just an overwhelming amount of information but Erin did so amazing organizing it in a user-friendly manner!”

Mar 9, 2019: “The materials were wonderful! It really gives you all you need. I really appreciated the support and help. If feels like someone actually cares.”

Mar 7, 2019: “Very very thorough! It cut down the time needed to get through the certification process immensely and made me much better teacher!”

Mar 6, 2019: “I felt a little overwhelmed by all of the material, but what I LOVED that by the time I got to my mock interview, I realized how prepared I was! I attended one of the zoom classes, and it all felt like review because Erin did such a great job of so thoroughly laying out the material. I especially loved the play by play with the slides where Erin gave specific examples of how to teach your mock. So many things were done so well. Erin, you're so professional and yet so down to earth and fun! The videos were very helpful especially the ones with students to help me decide which age groups to teach and the phonetics video. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this! Print outs for classes were great too! Oh, and your training was A TON better than the training VIPKID had. I would have felt lost without your course!”

Mar 5, 2019: “You are thorough, everything gets covered! You are realistic with the timeline(s). You are positive, encouraging! … you do an excellent job of covering everything and you respond to questions very quickly. Keep up the great work!”

Mar 4, 2019: “easy to follow, step by step instructions and tips were great! Greatly recommend the coach day for applicants if possible.”

Feb 15, 2019: “I loved going back time and time again at each stage of the hiring process… It is obvious that this ecourse took lots of time and energy to create...thank you!!”

Feb 14, 2019: “So much!! The layout flowed so nicely, the information was beyond helpful, the links to what you were referring towhether it be items or Youtube videos, the literal path of information to follow. It made the hiring process seamless and I am beyond thankful for this because I likely would have gotten very stressed with all of the information I wouldn't have known to ask! <3” data-preserve-html-node="true"

Feb 7, 2019: “I think the videos were so helpful, but the TESOL walk through was perfect. I went through the materials provided by vipkid and then took your practice test. Perfect for the actual exam! Thanks.”

Feb 6, 2019: “I loved how easily it broke down the hiring process! Knowing what comes next and how long I have (despite all the phone calls) really helped to set my mind at ease. I loved being able to see inside your classrooms...”

Feb 1, 2019: “Unbelievably helpful step by step breakdowns of how to complete even the smallest of tasks. You gave multiple tools to use such as videos and written documentation, photos, and overall a clear and organized format to follow to help teachers.” Jan 14, 2019: “I really liked the organization, the information, and how it all synched with the "official" information. Thanks!”

Jan 11, 2019: “VERY clear instructions and demonstrations. Great resources. Quick responses to questions. Extremely helpful and encouraging support.”

Jan 8, 2019: “Packed with great tips. Well organized, easy to go step by step. Informative videos. Super teaching! Personable friendly mentor.”

Jan 2, 2019: “I was so thankful for the props and modeled lessons! I loved seeing some real classes being taught”

Dec 25, 2018: “You did a great job of detailing the steps and what to expect. I especially liked the demo videos and the slide by slide portion. That was very helpful.”

Dec 21, 2018: “It is very thorough, covering nearly everything anyone could need for preparation for hiring and mock classes. I couldn't have done it without all of the help you provided and this course was SOOOOO worth it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You put a lot of effort into this for newbies who are in the hiring process and again -- without it, we probably wouldn't have made it through without giving up first.”

Dec 28, 2018: “I liked how you really broke everything down. It is very overwhelming at first, and your roadmap helped to take it step by step. I appreciated all the videos you posted and the props to print and use.”

Dec 16, 2018: “I loved the mock coaching and practice sessions. Those were gold. That was what really helped me prep for the mock classes and allowed me to pass.”

Dec 5, 2018: “Erin is very responsive if you need help! Plus the course is FREE!”

Dec 3, 2018: “Very detailed and laid out on each step of the process. The example videos helped so much. I really liked the Facebook hiring q&a as I got to meet other teachers also going through the hiring process.”

Dec 1, 2018: “There is a ton of information that I hadn't found online. Your videos were a tremendous help in understanding how everything fits together. The Zoom training was EXACTLY what I needed and the slides made much more sense once you explained them.”

Nov 14, 2018: “The videos and all of the information to pass the mocks were on point!! The zoom session was great to both watch, practice and ask questions.”

Nov 14, 2018: “I like the step by step guide, everything was very easy to read and understand. I also attended one of the group practice sessions which was basically a repeat of the information on the e-course but it definitely settled my nerves being able to go through it with other people and have VIPKid "pros" leading the way. I also liked how responsive Erin was throughout the whole process!”

Nov 12, 2018: “How exact everything was. You left out no details.”

Oct, 24, 2018: “The information was very straight forward and easy to find. I also appreciated how quickly you transitioned to the new certification format since many of us were caught in the middle of the change.”

Oct 11, 2018: “There is always great, up-to-date information. and encouragement. Love the videos and examples given! The mentor is always quick to reply to questions and share information.”

Oct 6, 2018: “I liked how thorough it was. It took my through the process step-by-step and it was incredibly helpful.”

Oct 3, 2018: “I loved the feedback that was given during Zoom. The props and videos were very helpful. The organization of the course was very helpful and I am a type A person so thank you so much.” Sep 1, 2018: “I like that there are a variety of materials, from videos, to passages, to examples and even live mock class practice! and printable props are very helpful. Facebook group as well, tons of support available!”

Aug 29, 2018: “I really liked all the videos and detailed information for each step and for any questions I may have along the way […] The site and especially the videos were very informative and helpful. I can't think of anything that wasn't covered - it was great!”

Aug 6, 2018: “I love the detail, ease to maneuver throughout site and the videos.”

Jul 29, 2018: “Erin's energy and genuine humanity is why I chose to have her by my referral after having researched many VIPKID mentor videos. Everything in the course was clear.”

Jul 1, 2018: "Everything! Your videos and articles helped me so much during my prep. You had great materials for us to download, and you were available for help via e-mail and on Facebook."

Jul 2, 2018: "EVERYTHING! Especially the ZOOM class and the printable props. It really helped me to prepare and pass my MOCK 1!"

Jun 24, 2018: "The course was soo helpful!! It made me feel very supported because the info was very specific and detailed to the exact place we were in the hiring process."

Jun 21, 2018: "I loved how you walked me through the whole application and interview process step by step. You really broke everything down into an easy to follow process that made the whole interviewing process less scary! I love your videos and I am so glad I stumbled upon you as a referral for VIPKID! Luckily I passed after mock 1, yay!"

Jun 16, 2018: "Very organized, clear and fun. Erin did a great job breaking information down into manageable areas. She and Sydney made themselves available for questions and help."




How to gain access

  • Your “ROADMAP TO VIPKID” HIRING GUIDE & e-Course is free!

  • All you have to do is be one of Teacher Erin's (my) referrals!

  • Navigate to my Coaching Info page to see how to apply with me as your referring teacher & coach or add my name to an existing application if you are already in the hiring process. 

  • You must sign up and complete the application stage for access.

  • After adding me as your referring teacher, you do not need to contact me. I will contact you!

  • within 36 hours, you will receive an email with the e-course password & access info. This will be sent to the email address associated with your Vipkid account.

  • Your access email will not be sent instantaneously. I check my referral tracking list every day and email my referrals manually. Please be patient.

  • If you do not receive an email from me within 36 hours, please reach out to me so that we can make sure you’ve been added to my referral list correctly.


Access Details

  • The “ROADMAP TO VIPKID” HIRING GUIDE & e-Course is password protected & the password changes.

  • The new password will always be emailed out to my active referrals in the hiring process.

  • The password must be entered for every course page...

  • …But you won't have to re-enter it for pages you already have entered until the next day. 

  • If at any point your password does not work please check your email first to make sure you’re using the most updated password, if it’s still not working, let me know!

  • Only active VIPKId applicants will be allowed access to the “ROADMAP” Guide.

  • If your application status does not change for a while, you will not be emailed the new password until you contact Erin about your plans to continue with the hiring process and request re-access to the course content. This is NOT to rush you through the process, but helps us ensure only real applicants have access.



  • Adding a referring teacher can/must be done before signing your contract. Unfortunately, if you HAVE ALREADY finished the hiring process and signed your contract, it is too late to add me as your referring teacher and access my private resources.

  • If you've already applied under another referring teacher, you cannot change them. I recommend first reaching out to your current mentor for assistance before making the serious decision to reapply with a new email address for access to the “ROADMAP TO VIPKID” HIRING GUIDE & e-Course.

  • You are still welcome to join our Facebook group, VIPKID Hiring Q & A, but I won’t be able to provide you with the 1-on-1 help I provide my own referrals with or “roadmap” access if you are using a different mentor/referring teacher.

  • the “Roadmap” private content is not for sale and is only available to Teacher Erin's referrals.

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VIPKID Hiring Q & A

Facebook Group for hopeful applicants! Open to all!



I (Erin Mehlich, AKA Teacher Erin, AKA creator and Admin of this hiring course) am a VIPKid Teacher myself and only claim to aid other applicants in getting hired with VIPKid in the best way I can. I have no actual say on whether you get hired or not. Using this course does not guarantee your hire with VIPKid.


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