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Welcome to the Interactive Level 2 Preparation Material!

Students are placed in this level based on English ability rather than by age, but most students in Level 2 are between 6 and 9 years old.

Students begin this level with little to no English ability. The goal is for the student to finish the level with the ability to converse using simple sentences. Interactive Level 2 focuses on increasing student output.

Before we dive into the material, let’s check out the video below:

Ⅰ Course Intro

VIPKid Interactive Level 2 is designed to:

Increase students’ foundational English skills and facilitate confident communication in the future.

Begin to create students' academic foundation in English including reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Get students familiar with elementary phonics rules which will help with high-frequency words and decoding unfamiliar words.

The students at this level usually range from 6 to 9 years old, and they may have different language abilities. Some of them will be able to have a simple conversation about familiar people, places, things, and events with your support as well as recognizing upper and lower case letters.

Ⅱ Course Breakdown

There are 12 units in Interactive Level 2. Each unit contains 2 learning cycles with 12 lessons in each unit (6 lessons for each learning cycle). You can refer to the diagram below. 



Ⅲ Unit Breakdown

Ⅳ Slide Types and Distribution:

Ⅴ Method Tag & Section Tag 

 Method Tags: Inside the tags that are in the upper-right corner of most slides, the single letter signifies the teaching approach for the slide.

 Section Tags: Each slide also has a section tag. These should look familiar as they are related to the lesson objectives and refer to which type of content you will be covering on a given slide:




     Sentence Frames



     Free Talk

Any slide where the student learns or uses any content related to the lesson objectives is tagged with a combination of a method and section like so: