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Make sure get acquainted with the “Library” and “Support” tabs in your Teacher portal. There is so much information in here, but it’s where you can really find a lot of answers and helpful information. There is info on taking workshops, submitting feedback, how to deal with tech issues, marketing yourself, navigating the portal, Unit Assessment guides, Trial Class guides, ESL tips and much more.

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“VIPKID Teacher Q & A” Community

Have you joined my Facebook group for hired, working VIPKid Teachers? (Make sure you answer the 3 questions that pop up when you request access for teacher verification!) It is a great community of hired VIPKID teachers where we share our experiences, support one another, and ask/answer lot's of questions! I'm on there all the time too. It's an awesome community! There's so much input from lots of working teachers. 

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VIPKID Teacher Q & A


Newbie Teacher FAQ

How do I get bookings?!

Have you read our blog post, “How To Get Bookings”? Make sure you try and follow all of those tips. Once you’ve implemented all of these changes and tips, you need to be patient for a couple weeks. Remember, you are a new teacher with few or no parent reviews yet. All you can do is make sure your profile is stellar, make yourself as available as possible to be booked, and try and get some more certifications to widen your pool of students who can book you.

You can also have us take a look at your profile and give you feedback in our VIPKID Teacher Q & A Facebook Group in this profile feedback post thread.

Help! I’ve been booked for “Info Pending” “Booking Excess” Trial. What does that mean how do I prepare?

Basically- VIPKID books EXTRA spots to ensure that if someone wants to buy and take a class RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT…then they have extra teachers for trials. Are they all no shows? Actually no I’ve had quite a few show up. What should I prepare? Plan for everything! But the most common trial seem to be Level 2 beginner and advanced!

What do I do if the student isn’t in class or it seems to be a student no show?

As soon as the class is marked as finished you can leave. If the student isn't there and the class ISN'T marked as finished yet, you need to just stay and switch lines to make sure the student isn't in another classroom, then sit tight and refresh a separate window every so often until the class is marked as finished or until 25 min for MC or 15 for trial. Take screenshot every once in a while to have proof that you were in the classroom for the class. I always have my camera on but covered with a sticky note so they know I’m there.

Should I call the firemen if it looks like a no show so i can leave?

Please avoid calling the Firemen if your student simply isn’t in the classroom. When people message firemen about students not being in class yet, they're probably not going to get back to you for a while. I know teachers just want to get out of class asap if it's going to be a no-show, but the firemen's priority isn't to mark no-shows as no-shows, it's to make sure classes going on are running smoothly tech wise since they watch many classes at once. If the student isn't there and the class ISN'T marked as finished yet, you need to just stay and switch lines to make sure the student isn't in another classroom, then sit tight and refresh a separate window every so often until the class is marked as finished or until 25 min for MC or 15 for trial.

Do I leave feedback for a no show student?

Nope :) You don’t need to! The only time I would is if the class has not been marked finished yet and it’s close to the feedback deadline. No reason to get penalized! You can fill it out with something like “This was a student no show” or “Hope to see Student next time!”

How much am I paid for a SNS(Student No Show)/Student IT problem finished class?

Full pay for MC (Major Course) and half pay for trial class.

What do these trial codes mean!?

T1-U4 = trials 3.0

T1-U4-LC1-L1 = Level 1 (preVIP)

T1-U4-LC1-L2 = Level 2 beginner (Level 2 Unit 1)

T1-U4-LC1-L3 = Level 2 advanced (Level 2 unit 4)

T1-U4-LC1-L4 = Level 3

T1-U4-LC1-L5 = Level 4

T1-U4-LC1-L6 = Level 5

What does "Short Notice" mean?

So it means your opened slot can be booked within 24 hours and will increase your chances of being booked! You get an extra $2 per booked class. You are free to close the booked slot at any time, but obviously the longer it’s open the better. One option is scheduling a block as time as your “VIPKID time” get up, see if you’ve been booked. If you have, yay! If you haven’t, use this time to get stuck into the library and learning in the portal 😀

What do I do with unruly classroom behavior?

If the student won't participate, go into Dora The Explorer mode, gently but sternly call the child out, or call the fireman. You should also review VIPKid’s “Inappropriate Student Conduct Guidelines” in the “Best Classroom Practices” section in your Support Center. The "Classroom Management" workshop is worth taking as well. You can find the workshop schedule in the “Library” tab.

What do I do if my class is incorrectly marked when finished?

Submit a ticket in your teacher portal in your Support Center.

What is a Unit Assessment?

Unit Assessments or UAs are on lesson 6 and 12 for the MC. These are designed as a checkpoint for knowledge. Basically you are not teaching anything new just checking for comprehension. Lesson 12 will have a project, lesson 6 will not. Pacing will be different with these but will vary from child to child. Prepare to have extension material in case the child flies through. Prepare to have to drag them along with you to finish on time!

How do I do a Unit Assessment?!

We made a blog post all about this! Check it out!

What is a project/ homework and when is it assigned?

The homework/project is assigned in Lesson 5 and is presented in lesson 12. It was be reviewed in Lesson 6 and Lesson 11. This is an independent project they complete at home! If you are teaching a lesson 5 make sure you have enough time to explain each project and make a note in the T2T feedback which project was chosen!

Help! My student didn’t do their homework? How do I score? What do I do?

It’s very common for students not to come prepared with their project for their Unit Assessment, so just take a deep breath! These kids are under a lot of school pressure! If they give you a ‘deer in headlights’ look just move on. If you have time at the end of the class then you can do the project together. If they DON’T do it and you CAN’T do it during class they get a 0 on both questions! If you can do it- depending on the questions and how intense it is.... then they get 1 or 2 points.

What is substitute teaching? Should I do it?

Substitute teaching is program for VIPKID to give the classes in which teachers Teacher No Show to ensure that they still are taught. Honestly, by the time you read this all the spots are probably taken. You have to be good at having 0 prep time because you will be thrown into the lesson as late as ten minutes into the lesson. You also potentially open yourself up for bad reviews from parents who are mad about subbing. However, if they don’t need you- you are still paid.

How bad is cancelling classes? How bad is not showing up for classes?

Bad. So bad you will be terminated immediately. Just kidding! You get 6 cancellations for a REASON! Things happened! I had a Teacher No Show with a student who is my most regular regular and sent a card because I couldn’t get my internet working. Wasn’t fun- hasn’t affected me. Just don’t make it a habit.

Is declining priority bookings bad?

Declining a priority booking is NOT the same as a cancellation. While you might have an upset parent on your hand, it won’t affect you directly.

I’m afraid of opening short notice. Help!

Ultimately you’re your own teacher. It’s up to you to whether or not you are ready! But this is going to be your fast track to get booked if you are a new teacher! Or it’s an extra $2 if you’re not a new teacher.

When is the frenzy? What is the frenzy?

The Frenzy is when the VIPKID parents can book their teachers for the following week. It is at Monday Noon BJT. Adjust for your proper time zone.