“I’m Erin! A VIPKID TEACHER & Top 5 VIPKid referring teacher/hiring-help mentor. Teaching & helping others get hired with this amazing job is my passion!”

For some applicants, applying with a referring teacher (VIPKid hiring-help mentor) that can provide you with the right kind of support and guidance through the hiring process is a great idea. This mentor will be considered your referring teacher and you are their "referral".

You would be surprised how many questions come up during the VIPKid application process. Most applicants benefit from the assistance whether you just need a couple questions answered via email, or need step-by-step guidance through the entire process. Once you are hired with VIPKid, you're hired. There is a lot of support from many places (Teacher workshops, Facebook groups, VIPKid’s Hutong Forum, etc.) but there is no required teacher training phase before you are able to start teaching classes, you could open up classes right away! So try and use the hiring process as the main initial training process! This is why you could really benefit from having someone to guide and support you through this training process right from the start!

There are many resources on YouTube and many helpful VIPKid mentors out there. You should find one that you would like to work with and see what types of resources they are offering to their referrals. Check out what I offer below!


What I offer as a VIPKID hiring help-mentor


  • 1-on-1 mentoring & messaging through the hiring process & beyond!

  • Group video coaching & practice sessions via Zoom

  • Feedback for practice recordings or setup pictures


make Erin my VIPKID hiring-help mentor (referring teacher)

Make an account & apply with Erin’s referral link

You need to make a VIPKid account using my specific referral link to add me as your referring teacher/mentor & gain access to my hiring help resources. Making an account is super easy and fast! After you apply using my link, I will send you hiring help resources and info on how to access my hiring help Roadmap To VIPKid e-course within 36 hours. Applying takes 2 minutes and you can wait as long as you need to afterwords before scheduling any kind of interview or continuing with the hiring process. So don't stress if you aren't ready to fully dive into it! Don’t forget to check out my application tips and read below for how to gain hiring course access. I DO NOT recommend you apply through Facebook. Many people have had issues with adding my as their referring teacher when applying through Facebook.

*My referral code has changed* How to add Erin to an existing account

VIPKid has recently changed how people can add me as a referring teacher/hiring-help mentor to their account and I no longer have a code that you can add manually to use me as your mentor. My referral link has also changed. Instead, you must use my new referral link when you apply to use me as your referring teacher. If you have already made an account/applied but have not yet completed the initial Interview/Demo Lesson stage yet, just reapply using my new referral link and a new email address to gain access to my help. You can make a new account right away even if you have previously applied. (You can read more about reapplying here.) If you have already made an account/applied and are passed the Demo Lesson stage and are in the Certification or BC/Contract Info stage, please contact me so we can discuss how to add my name onto your account so you don’t have reapply & start over.



After you apply using my link, I'll send you your hiring course access information and password. This email will go to the email associated with your VIPKid account.

Your course access info WILL NOT be sent instantaneously. I check my referral tracking list everyday and send out course access. So please allow up to 36 hours for me to see that you've been added as my referral and get your hiring course access info to you. Please be patient, and remember, you can always reschedule your interview and Mock classes if you're waiting on the course! Contact me if I have not emailed you within 36 hours.




Can I change referring teachers/coaches?

  • Unfortunately, if you are have completed the hiring process and have already signed your contract, it is too late to add me as your referring teacher and VIPKid mentor/coach.

  • You cannot CHANGE your referring teacher if you’ve already applied using someone else’s referral link. I really recommend reaching out to your current mentor to see if they can provide you with some support before reaching out to another mentor.

  • You are still welcome to join our Facebook group, VIPKID Hiring Q & A, but I won’t be able to give you access to my hiring help e-Course or the one-on-one help I give to my referrals.

Do you get paid to coach us?

VIPKid runs a really great referral program for its working teachers as an incentive for them to help other applicants through the hiring process. But what exactly does this mean? Basically, when hired, VIPKid gives their teachers a special application link that is unique to them. When a VIPKid hopeful applies using their link, they get paid an incentive IF THEIR APPLICANT IS HIRED AND STARTS TEACHING. This mentor/coach is considered the referring teacher and the applicant is their "referral".

I only get paid when you get hired! That's why I've taken a lot of time and energy developing my "Roadmap To VIPKID" Hiring eCourse for applicants that walks them through each step of the hiring process. Only my referrals will gain access to the free hiring help e-course as well as access to online group Zoom coaching sessions. This is all in additional to individualized 1-on-1 mentoring. Coaching applicants through the hiring process takes a lot of time and effort, which is why this content is exclusive to those who take the time to add me as their referring teacher.



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