Application Process Mapped out

Taking the plunge into the VIPKID application process can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and sometimes a bit frustrating, so we’ve mapped the process out here for you. Keep reading for details regarding each hiring step and some tips and recommended steps you should take to ensure smooth sailing during the start of your very own VIPKID journey.

1) Find a VIPKID Mentor

For some applicants, finding a VIPKid mentor before you apply that can provide you with the right kind of support and guidance through the hiring process is a great idea. This mentor will be considered your referring teacher and you are their "referral". I keep all of my personal referral/mentor details on this Coaching Info page if you’re interested. If you apply without a referring teacher (mentor), you can add one to your existing application anytime before signing your contract.

Do I really need a coach?

It is highly recommended! You would be surprised how many questions come up during the VIPKid application process. It is notorious for being confusing and a little difficult to follow at times. VIPKid has high expectations of the applicants going through the process, which is why their referral program is so prevalent: most applicants benefit from the assistance. Once you are hired with VIPKid, you're hired. There is a lot of support from many places (Teacher workshops, Facebook groups, VIPKid’s Hutong Forum, etc.) but there is no required teacher training phase before you are able to start teaching classes, you could open up classes right away! So try and use the hiring process as the main initial training process! This is why you could really benefit from having someone to guide and support you through this training process right from the start! There are many resources on YouTube and many helpful VIPKid mentors out there. You should find one that you would like to work with and see what types of resources they are offering to their referrals. Maybe you just need someone to answer a couple questions, or maybe you need more one-on-one assistance. 


Personally, I offer my referrals access to my complete VIPKid hiring help e-course, "Roadmap To VIPKID", that walks applicants through each step of the hiring process, as well as access to online group Zoom coaching & practice sessions. This is all in addition to individualized 1-on-1 mentoring. Helping applicants through the hiring process takes a lot of time and effort, which is why this content is exclusive to those who have decided to use me as their referring teacher/hiring-help mentor.

2) Apply

The first official step in the VIPKid hiring process is an application. Before you apply, you'll need to ensure you meet requirements first. If you think you'd be a good fit for VIPKid, see what it takes to apply. It should only take you a couple minutes and there is no resume submission required.


3) Interview Demo Lesson

Next it will be on to the Demo Lesson Stage (formerly known as the Interview Stage)! You have a couple options here including the Live Demo, the Recorded Demo, the super fast Smart Demo done on your cell phone, or bypassing the Demo Stage entirely by doing a Coaching Day Event in person! All of these Demo Lesson Options have another central focus: seeing if you can be the VIPKid teacher type. This includes being lively, encouraging, engaging, fun, and most importantly, they're checking to see that you can speak proper english. This means having a neutral American accent with English as your first and native language as stated in VIPKid's teacher requirements

Make sure you review what you'll need for your interview demo and set yourself up with some classroom essentials before you move on to your interview! Your previous experience and how well you perform during your interview will determine your base pay rate with VIPKid. So make sure you get yourself a coach and practice, practice, practice!


4) Certification Stage & Mock Class(es)

The Mock Classes will be done online on the VIPKid platform with a current working VIPKid Teacher. These are done to see if you can implement all the necessary VIPKid teacher practices and foundations into your online ESL classroom: big smiles, lots of TPR, synthetic phonics, engaging props, a visible reward system, positive correction of the student, etc. VIPKid will provide you with the lessons you'll be teaching once you get to that stage.

Everyone now does the new Mock Class process and has access to the new Certification Center! After your interview, you’ll be brought to the Certification Center where you will watch some videos, read some info and then choose which levels you’d like to be certified in and complete the corresponding Mock classes. You’ll see that there are two lessons you will have to look over and practice for each level certification in this process. However, you will only be teaching ONE lesson during your with your Mock Class mentor and will not know which lesson they will have you do until you are actually doing the Mock class. So you’ll have to make sure you are well prepared for both of the 10 minute lessons. There is no “Mock 2” if you have access to the Certification Center. However, you may have to take the Mock Class again if they think you need a little more practice and can retry it again as many times as you want! You can’t fail!


5) TESOL-VIPKid Foundational Program

There were some changes to the hiring process put into place on January 9th of 2019. Basically, applicants will need to complete a short TESOL training & quiz in their VIPKid portal right before signing their contract. If you indicated on your application that you already have a Teaching or ESL certificate, you may be allowed to bypass this step by uploading proof of your certification. This is to combat some upcoming changes that MIGHT happen in the near future, where the Chinese government may require all online and classroom teachers to have some sort of teaching credential/certification.

VIPKid’s TESOL course provides background on second language acquisition and was developed with TESOL. The TESOL quiz can be taken as many times as you want until you pass! So no need to stress about not passing! I also have resources to help you prepare for the quiz in my “Roadmap To VIPKID” Hiring Guide & eCourse given to my referrals using me as their coach.


6) You're Hired!

After you pass your Mock Class and the TESOL quiz, you'll upload the necessary documents (diploma, certifications, etc.) and go through a standard background check (VIPKid pays for this). You'll then set up your profile by submitting a few pictures a short bio, and an introductory video. Then you're ready to open up your bookings and… START TEACHING! You did it! Check out our newbie teacher FAQ page!


What if I fail?

If at any point you “fail”, it is not the end of the world! You can reapply right away with a new email address. It just gives you more time to practice, which in all honesty is a good thing because once you are officially hired the training wheels are OFF and you are expected to be a full-fledged teacher. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to end up reapplying after a bad interview result and then be hired with glowing feedback on the second time around. Practice truly makes perfect and this hiring process can be brutal and subjective. Don’t let it discourage you, we have had so many success stories of those who reapplied after being denied the first time! Make sure you're using a mentor that's right for you.

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