How long are VIPKid classes, & When do VIPKID teachers teach?

We teach pre-made 1-on-1 online ESL classes for 25 minutes per class. If you are teaching back-to-back classes, you have that 5 minute buffer window to finish your class and do whatever you need to do to prepare yourself for the next student.

What are the times VIPKid Teachers can teach? Basically Whenever they're awake in China! 8AM - 10PM Beijing Time

Are there Required Minimum or Maximum hours with VIPKID?

VIPKid has no set amount of classes they require you to teach. Hello flexibility & freedom! You can open up as few or as many 25 minute class time slots as you want to be booked by parents during the available times (8AM - 10PM Beijing Time).

What are the most commonly booked VIPKID class times?

Parents tend to request/book the following time periods most often: Monday-Friday 6PM-10PM Beijing time, and Saturday-Sunday 9AM-10PM Beijing Time. You can view those “peak times” converted to your time zone in the charts shown. VIPKid does not require teachers to work full shifts; but having availability during the times mentioned above could ensure a higher possibility of being booked by the students. You are an independent contractor, so VIPKid does not guarantee any bookings. Parents book you based off of your profile that you create which includes a bio, intro video, and a few pictures as well as your past parent reviews and feedback. Making yourself available to teach during these “peak times” means you’re more likely to get booked.



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