For what you are doing, teaching English online in your PJs, the pay is great, and you really can make up to $22/hr!


If you are able to show up on time, smile real big, speak proper English, and follow basic written instructions, you'll do great!


VIPKID offers training for it's current teacher including a vast array of workshops to improve and guide your teaching.


You are in total control of your life schedule with VIPKID. If you only want to work for 2 hours a week? You can! If you want to work for 50 hours a week? You can! Need to take a weekend or two off? Need to move to out of the country? You really can!


There is no set required number of hours that you have to teach as a VIPKID teacher and your contract is only 6 months long. And like I previously stated, you only teacher when YOU want to.


VIPKID gives their teachers many opportunities to earn bonuses and incentives to earn more money.


You don't have to do any lesson planning as a VIPKID teacher because the lessons are all pre-made and have helpful tips and instructions on how you can teach each lesson slide. You do have to input student feedback after each class, but once you get good at it, it takes no time at all!


The students really are the best part. They are so adorable, and it's the most rewarding thing to see them light up and learn new concepts. I feel very close to my regulars. VIPKID is unique to other online ESL companies in that the parents are the ones that book you. So you can have the same student over and over again if they like you as a teacher, which gives you the opportunity to create real ties to your students and their families.


The VIPKID community is so welcoming and helpful! Any question you will ever have will be answered. There are Facebook groups, forums, and people to help you with IT issues. Our Facebook group, VIPKID Hiring Q & A, is open to everyone and anyone interested in learning more about VIPKID and the hiring process.


After your second contract, you may qualify for a raise. You could even become a VIPKID teacher mentor or mock class interviewer if you seem like a good fit for a higher level in the company.




The time difference depending on where you are in the world might make peak teaching hours difficult. The peak teaching times are 6:00PM - 10PM BEIJING TIME. However, you can open any times from, 9:00AM-10PM BEIJING TIME. You're just more likely booked during peak times. Here's a time zone converter if you're curious.


Once you class-time is booked, it's booked. You only have 6 cancellations per 6-month contract with VIPKID before you face contract termination. However, if you need to cancel an entire day of classes it only counts as 2 cancellations, not one cancelation per class. However, VIPKID has begun implementing soft and medium cancelations for emergencies. Watch my friend Teacher Jeniffer's video about it here.


As a VIPKID teacher, you are technically an independent contractor. This means you are required to pay your own taxes. This involves saving a good chunk of your earnings per month in order to pay your taxes at the end of the year. You are also required to make estimated quarterly tax payments to the IRS as an independent contractor.


This isn't necessarily a full-time gig when it comes to making a well-rounded living. This is because there are no benefits involved! You can make a good amount of money as a VIPKID teacher, but you'll have to look elsewhere for health, dental, eye, or any other insurance.


This may be obvious, but you'll need to have a decent internet connection to teach on VIPKID's platform. This means that if you like to teach while you travel, finding solid wifi can be tricky. It's not impossible, just slightly limiting.



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