Teacher Requirements

teaching ESL online with vIPKID

Being an online ESL teacher with VIPKID is a wonderful opportunity but, unfortunately, the company has some requirements and limitations on who can teach english for them. These requirements are sometimes overlooked when applying, and then people wonder why in the heck they didn’t even get an interview! P.S. These questions are directly asked when you go to apply online. No resume submission required!


VIPKID Requirement Details

1) VIPKID Eligibility


  • While you can teach from anywhere in the world, you must be a US or Canadian citizen or have legal eligibility to work in these places to work as a VIPKid teacher with a green card (details below).

  • If you are not a US/CAN citizen, you will have to show a picture of a USA green card upon hire.

  • Even though you may have legal eligibility to work in the USA/CAN or are in the process of obtaining a green card, VIPKID may not accept this. Please reach out the VIPKID at teach@vipkid.com before applying to make sure you are an eligible candidate. You do not want to find yourself in a position where you have worked extremely hard to get through the hiring process to find that they will not accept your legal eligibility to work here.

+FLUENT IN ENGLISH w/ Neutral American Accent

  • You must be fluent in the English language. VIPKid typically wants native English speakers with a neutral American accent. This is primarily how they market the program in China to parents & students.

  • If they see that you don’t have a neutral American accent during your interview, they may not ask you to continue on in the process.

  • If you have a strong accent or live somewhere with a thick accent (i.e. the south, Boston, etc.) you may have to learn to hide it as best you can! Learning a new language is pretty tricky without throwing in various accents and pronunciations. Unfortunately, this generally rules out other English accents as well, including England and Australia. Sorry to our friends across the pond! If you can’t hide that accent of course.

2) VIPKID Background Experience required

Experience with Children & “Teaching”

  • They want to see that you have at least some experience in the US K-12 school system.

  • A teaching license and/or ESL certification are NOT required, but will help you receive a higher base pay salary. They will ask for proof of these later, so do not lie about having one just to receive a higher base-pay.

  • They want to see that you've had at least 1 or more years of “teaching experience” on the application. Even if you don’t have traditional classroom experience, you can think of lots of things as teaching! They won’t check in on this.

Examples of child/teaching experience include:

  • Traditional teaching in a classroom

  • Tutoring

  • Having kids of your own

  • Babysitting

  • Camp counseling

  • Coaching

  • Sunday School teaching

  • Helping raise your sibling

3) VIPKID Education Requirements

Untitled design (39).png

Bachelor’s Degree

  • You MUST have completed 4 years of higher education in ANY field and received a Bachelor’s Degree. This can be acquired from anywhere in the world. They will ask for proof before they allow you to sign your contract!

  • VIPKid accepts pictures of any of the following:

    • Picture of physical certificate of bachelor’s degree or higher

    • Copy of official transcript, (signed, sealed, or with watermark) which indicate you have been awarded the degree of a bachelor’s degree or higher

    • Degree Verification from National Students Clearing House

    • Verification letter (signed, sealed, or watermark) from the registrar office of the school which says you have been awarded the degree of bachelor or higher

  • If your degree or other form of proof is in another name than the one given to VIPKID, be prepared to send them a copy of your marriage license, divorce decree, or some other proof of the name change. They may ask you for this.

  • Quick note: They used to accept applicants with an Associates Degree in early childhood education, but this is no longer the case.

4) Required Technology

  • A desktop or laptop with a camera/microphone and stable internet are a must. Headphones are also a necessity! You can even do the interview process using earbuds with a built-in microphone, although I do recommend upgrading once you are hired.

  • They released a teaching app for the iPad, but for now the hiring process must be completed on a laptop/desktop.

  • Check out our Tech & Equipment page for more details.



If your application shows that you meet these requirements, your portal will automatically bring you to the next phase of the hiring process, the interview! Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the interview right away!




These are not required, but they could potentially make you eligible for a higher pay rate! The amount that you will make as a VIPKid teacher will be determined during your initial interview with VIPKid.

1) US/Canadian K-12 Classroom Experience

This does not have to be as an official teacher! I helped in an after-care program at the local school during college and they counted this as “K-12 classroom experience”. Sydney helped several homeschool students to develop their own curriculum to meet state guidelines and this counted as “K-12 Classroom Experience” for her. Really play up what experience you do have.

2) ESL Experience

Again, this doesn’t have to be official certified ESL experience, you can sell yourself! Sydney tutors a foster child that is English as a second language. I tutored a child from South Korea for a class in college and that counted for me! 

3) ESL Certification

Okay, there is no “selling yourself” here- either you have it or you don’t! Neither Sydney or I had any certifications, but if you do they can really help you. You will be asked to send in proof!

4) Teaching License

Must be USA/Canadian Government-Issued! Again, you will have to send in proof.


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