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  • Laptop or desktop computer, Mac or PC. You cannot teach VIPKid classes with a Chromebook. The VIPKid Teach App is not supported with this device.

  • You can teach from an iPad once you’re hired, but cannot complete the interview or Mock classes with one.



  • Use a headset with a microphone and stable output and input.

  • You can test your microphone and sound inside the VIPKid classroom by clicking “Settings.”

  • Earbud headphones work fine as long as they have a microphone.

  • If you are going to buy a new headset, I recommend this one. They are affordable, comfy, noise cancelling, and have a mic on/off button (great for sneezing and coughing).



  • HD External camera or HD integrated camera. Most laptops will have one.

  • You can test your microphone and sound inside the VIPKid classroom by clicking “Settings.”


Recommended Tech


Ethernet Cable

If you can, it is always a good idea to plug directly into your internet with an ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. This will ensure a steady internet connection during your VIPKID class and will reduce video and audio lag. If your laptop does not have a port for this, you can buy a USB adaptor.


Bright White Lights

You always want your face to be well lit when you are teaching. Teaching in front of a window with natural light shining on your face isn't always possible, so we use these bright white lights to simulate natural light.  

These are lights I’ve personally used. They work great for travel and at home use! <3



Chrome works best


Google Chrome

Version 51 or above

Firefox Browser

Version 47 or above


(Direct from the VIPKID Website)

  • Operating System: Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, MAC OS 10.8x

  • Memory: At least 4GB RAM

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 above CPU

  • Flash Version: Download Latest Version

  • Network: Wired DSL Internet Connection - at least 20 Mbps



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