VIPKid-TESOL Survival

Pass the quiz with ease!

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This page in your Roadmap is all about passing the VIPKid-TESOL quiz. Know that You can still go back and obtain more level certifications with the previous sections of your Roadmap while going through these VIPKid-tesol materials all the way up until you sign your contract.


TESOL-VIPKid Foundational Program

Some applicants will need to complete a short TESOL training & quiz in their VIPKID portal right before signing their contract if you did not previously state that you have a Teaching license or ESL/TESOL/TEFL certificate. This is to combat some upcoming changes that might happen in the near future, where the Chinese government may require all online and classroom teachers to have some sort of “teaching credential/certification”.

You should be able to access the course after you pass a mock class, before you sign your contract. You will still be able to go back and get multiple certifications like I discuss in the previous Certification + Mock Prep section in your eCourse. VIPKID’S TESOL course provides background on second language acquisition and was developed alongside TESOL. The quiz can be taken as many times as you want until you pass! So no need to stress about not passing! It’s also a good idea to just click the quiz and take a look at what kind of questions might come up while your preparing with the resources and my practice test below.

Who has to take this?

Everyone should be able to see the TESOL information. You may have to pass a Mock class before this becomes available to you you your portal. However, only those who have not previously stated that they already have a teaching license or ESL certification will be required to do the TESOL quiz before being able to access the final contract stage. If you forgot to check that box when you applied, send VIPKid an email telling them that you do have a certification. But honestly, it would just be quicker to take the quiz using my resources below. Know that there may be some system kinks with the new update.

How To Pass the quiz

I’ve made a list of practice test questions that could come up in your quiz. View my Practice Test Questions and the answer key to help you prepare for what might come up, or just have it open when you take the quiz! It will help you out greatly!

I personally do not think that this TESOL information is necessary to be a successful VIPKID teacher. I went a whole year without doing this certification (before it was required) and was doing just fine. VIPKID really only put this in place to cover themselves if this law gets put into place by the Chinese government. I think that the content is really interesting, especially the short videos. However, I think that some of the quiz questions are poorly worded and some of the answers are difficult to find and are not clearly shown in the resources VIPKID provides. Don’t stress though, I’ve created these resources here to help you out with learning the content necessary for the specific quiz questions.