You did it!

This page of your e-course is NOT password protected, and will remain available to you all to refer back to as you continue forward with your new journey as a working VIPKid Teacher :D


Congratulations! You did it! You are now officially a VIPKID Teacher. So… now what needs to happen? First, Make sure you click back to the certification center tab in your hiring portal and get more certifications (if you want to) before signing your contract!

Let Us Know!

All finished with your certifications and ready to sign your contract? Awesome! Post on the VIPKid Hiring Q & A Facebook Group that you've been hired if you previously joined that! We want to know so that we can congratulate you!

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We are so excited you made it through the hiring process! We would love if you took the time to answer a few quick questions (anonymously) regarding your experience using this hiring help e-course. Especially if there’s any helpful input or suggestions you’d like to add! I am always trying to make the course better.


What Happens Next?

There are a few things you'll need to submit before you can open up your schedule and begin teaching. This includes uploading the relevant documents and setting up your profile that parents will see. Quick FYI, you typically cannot sign your contract until all your other documents are submitted and processed! Be patient. It may take some time.


Upload your Documents

1) Proof of usa working eligibility

Submit either a US/CAN drivers license, US/CAN passport, or green card.

2) Proof of Bachelor’s DEGREE (in any field)

VIPKid accepts pictures of any of the following:

  • Picture of physical certificate of bachelor’s degree or higher

  • Copy of official transcript, (signed, sealed, or with watermark) which indicate you have been awarded the degree of a bachelor’s degree or higher

  • Degree Verification from National Students Clearing House

  • Verification letter (signed, sealed, or watermark) from the registrar office of the school which says you have been awarded the degree of bachelor or higher

If your degree or other form of proof is in another name than the one given to VIPKID, be prepared to send them a copy of your marriage license, divorce decree, or some other proof of the name change. They may ask you for this.


Even if they are out of date be sure to send these in.


Check "Individual/sole proprietor" for box 3.

If it won’t let you fill it in on your computer for some reason, you can download the form in your portal and fill it out and sign it. You can either print it out, sign it, and scan it back in. You can sign it digitally on or create a digital signature in a PDF. Just download the PDF "W9FillableForm" and then save it to your computer. Click Tools, Annotate, Signature, Manage Signatures. You can then draw out a signature on your track pad and drag it to whenever you need on the document.


Give this a few days to go through. Sometimes it can take up to a week. Make sure you click "submit", not just "save". This must be approved before you can begin teaching.


You don't have to do this immediately, but in your portal click on your name in the upper right corner, then "Account Center." Click the Banking Info tab on the left side and input your info for direct deposit. I put in the address of my local branch and my checking account number. The "Beneficiary" is you! I put my routing number in for ACH Routing and nothing for ABA and have gotten my payments fine each month.  

7) Signing your contract

If it’s not letting you sign the contract, it’s probably because you haven’t submitted all your documents or your documents haven’t all been reviewed and approved yet. This all has to be done and be processed through before it allows you to sign the contract!


Set up your Profile

Try not to stress about this too much. You can easily change any and all of this anytime after you’re hired. Just get something in to them so that you can access your teacher portal and see what being a real VIPKID Teacher will be like!


1 Profile & 2 casual. Keep your profile a close headshot with no one else in the frame. Make sure your head and shoulders are nicely framed and your face is well lit. Natural light is your friend! Make sure your casual photos are still appropriate. Throw some kids in there if you can! The parents love this and it shows that you love interacting with children and/or your family. You can take a look at my photos here!

2) BIO

Emphasize your education and experience working with children. Keep the wording as simple as possible! It’s usually getting translated into Chinese for them. Sell yourself!


Keep this at 20-40 seconds. It doesn’t have to be crazy with music and tons of editing, but make it fun! Stay true to yourself and show what a class with you might look like. Don’t forget to speak slowly and clearly. My video is high energy with lots of smiles and props, because that what a class with me typically looks like!



Getting Started

Once you have full access to your teacher portal, make sure you join our Facebook Group community of working VIPKID Teachers, VIPKID Teacher Q & A, to get all those newbie teacher questions answered that you might have. Please make sure you answer all three of the questions it asks you after you click to join the group so we can verify that you are a hired/working VIPKid teacher. It’s a different group from our VIPKid Hiring Q & A FB group you may have joined to help get questions answered during the hiring process. We can’t transfer you over to the new Teacher Q & A group, you have to request to join yourself. We share our experiences, support one another, and ask/answer lot's of questions! I'm on there all the time too. It's an awesome community! You'll also just get questions answered A LOT quicker on there and there's more input from other working teachers! :D


Resources —> “Library” tab

Destination_ Screenshots.png

This section of the Teacher Portal will be your bread and butter while you are preparing to teach your first classes and beyond. This section is filled with tons of useful videos and slideshows that will help you become familiar with VIPKid and how to be a successful teacher. Right at the top you will see a section titled “Recommended for You”, which personally I think is a great place to start. You can also find lot’s of helpful tips and video resources made by other VIPKid Teachers on YouTube.

Destination_ Screenshots (2).png


One of the first things you will see in your Library tab is a link to learn more about workshops! (Link location is shown in the picture above.) From there you can also click over to the “Workshop Calendar” to schedule a workshop if you wish to take one. Workshops are live webinars hosted by real VIPKid teachers just like you! They are chock full of tons of information to help you become the best teacher you can be. They even have a couple workshop roadmaps linked on that first Workshop Introduction page to help you plan out which workshops to take. I highly recommend starting with the New Teacher Kick Off workshop. When you take a workshop, you can either have your camera on and participate or you can choose to just observe with your camera and microphone off.

“New Teacher Kick-Off”

This section of your Library resources will be especially useful as a brand new teacher. There are videos on navigating the teacher portal, library navigation, how to prep for upcoming classes, how to do your class feedback & Unit Assessments, and more. Going through the “New Teacher Collection” will also help you out with getting started. 


I have so many questions!

Please check out this Newbie Teacher FAQ page to get some of those little questions answered that always seem to come up. This was created based on what we were always seeing pop up with new teacher in the Teacher Q & A Facebook group and could help you out with your transition into teaching.


Help! I’m not getting booked!

Take a look at this blog post written by one of our site contributors and veteran VIPKid teachers, Teacher Sydney. It outlines general info about how bookings work, how to make sure your profile is properly viewable by the most amount of students, and all the tips and tricks to get initial class bookings right out the gate! A few of my videos regarding how to snag more bookings are linked in there as well!


Remember new teachers… Be Patient!

It may take a few days for all of your documents to get processed and your information to go through. Once everything is submitted and processed, you will gain full access to your teacher portal. You will login the same way you have been doing, but more features will open up and you'll be able to start opening up classes. Make sure you watch the booking videos above for info on how to open up your booking times, tags, adding certifications, and how to make sure the parents can see your profile so you can get booked!


Mock Classes Vs. Real Classes

(Differences to be aware of)

You should know right off the bat that there are some key differences between teaching those 10 minute demo & mock classes you did during the hiring process and teaching actual VIPKid classes after you’re hired.

  1. teach time

    Real classes are 25 minutes long. You must teach for at least 25 minutes, and you have that 5 extra minutes as a buffer to end your class and exit out of the classroom.

  2. Stars!

    In the hiring process you were only required to reward your students with what we call a “secondary reward system”. This is something you bring to the class yourself and reward your student with around 5 times throughout the lesson. While teaching actual classes, you will still use your secondary reward system around 5 times throughout the class, but you will also reward your student with stars that are located near the top of your classroom! The student should always receive 5 stars no matter how naughty they were. If you withhold or remove stars during the lesson, make sure you give them the opportunity to earn them back. The students can use these stars to buy fun VIPKid prizes in the online Dino Shop. So you can basically think of it like; the parents are paying for the stars.


Expressing concerns

The “Support” tab in your VIPKid Teacher portal is where you'll submit “tickets” and concerns to regarding VIPKID instead of sending emails back and forth with the company. You can read about how to submit a ticket here. The Hutong is basically a social media platform for VIPKid teachers. There are always fun challenges you can complete to gain coins that can be traded in for VIPKid related prizes. Don’t forget about our Facebook group, VIPKID Teacher Q & A, which is always here for your questions as well!


Important Procedures

These are great reads in your Support center tab! I link to them all the time in our teacher Facebook group so I’ll just share them with you here!


More Teaching tips from our teacher blog!


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